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Yoga: A Transformative Practice

Yoga is such a spiritual practice. It allows you to be at ease in a welcoming environment, while using your body is beautiful ways. Yoga pushes your body to be one with your mind.

Yoga shops have risen in popularity, specially in busy cities where the stress from work can creep up on people. For those who work 50 or 60 hours a week, going to yoga class can be a transformative experience. Taking that hour to yourself, and really breathing into each move, can help a person’s mental capacities. Stress accumulated from work and family can lead to many detrimental effects. With yoga, such stresses can wither away, or at least help you manage each issue at hand appropriately.

The yoga shops across dense cities become a meditative oasis that helps the people who practice lead a much more relaxing life. It allows them to be one with their own soul all the while pushing their bodies to do the best they can.

Joining a yoga studio near you can be a metamorphical experience. You take care of your body, why not take care of your mind and soul while doing yoga as well?

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Why You Should Use Crystals to Cleanse Your Home


In varying colors, shapes and designs, crystals are a beautiful addition to any home, they are like jewelry for a room and many of them can add pretty illuminations as sunlight reaches them casting dazzling shards of light around your space.


But crystals have long been understood to be more than simply decoration. Crystals have powerful energetic properties, which can affect the environment around them and can actually improve your life. Some crystals are known to have special healing powers, that can renew and repair the body and bring wellness to the bearer.


Crystal healing is a form of alternative therapy which can be used alongside and in conjunction with, other non-traditional treatments such as Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chakra Healing, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Reiki and a host of other complimentary treatments.


Healing with crystals is a way of using energy as medicine, by placing crystals on or near the body. Crystals interact with our bodies on an electromagnetic level, they resonate at different frequencies, releasing energy and helping to balance the body.


Here we present 10 crystals and their astounding benefits:


  1. Turquoise – (Blue/Green)

Turquoise is believed to have healing benefits which are magnified exponentially when it is given away as a gift.


  1. Celestite – (Colorless, shades of light blue or white usually; rarely other colors such as orange, reddish, pale green, pale brown)

Celestite helps to relieve stress in the wearer. Many people keep this crystal in their bedrooms as it promotes peace and tranquility, resulting in a good night’s sleep.


  1. Green Aventurine – (Green)

This beautiful crystal promotes vitality and general good health.


  1. Clear Quartz – (Colorless)

Clear Quartz is known to stimulate the immune system, and draws away negative energy from the wearer.

Amethyst Crystal

  1. Amethyst – (Purple)

Amethyst can help to calm anger and helps you to live calmly and serenely, it also helps to steer people away from bad habits.


  1. Rose Quartz – (Pink)

Rose varieties of Quartz help to promote a good restful night’s sleep.


  1. Selenite – (Colorless, sometimes with pale tints)

Selentite can help to clear and energize the glands of the body.


  1. Rhodonite – (Pink to Dark-Red)

Rhodonite has long been used to relive negative emotions and in particular times of high stress and panic.


  1. Apache Tears – (Black/Gray)

This crystal helps with emotions generated from grief and emotional turmoil experienced after trauma such as divorce, disease or bereavement.


  1. Pink Calcite – (Pink)

Pink Calcite is particularly helpful in helping to repair the body after damage to the tissues and is very useful to help ease a variety of heart issues.


Educating yourself about different crystals and their benefits is vital, in understanding how they can enrich your life. Yet many practitioners claim the best way to choose crystals to purchase, is to wander around a store and see which crystals “call” to you, which you resonate with and feel a connection to-these are the ones that you are meant to own, interact with and harness the powers of, in order to heal.



5 Tips to Detox Your Home of Negative Energy

We often talk about detoxing our bodies, by abstaining from alcohol and nutrient scarce foods, but what about our homes?

The principles and practices of Feng Shui are designed to create a harmonious living environment, one which balances positive and negative energies and allows good fortune to flow into, and stay within, your home.

real estate

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui, is an ancient Chinese custom, often referred to as the “art of placement” and involves arranging all the objects within your home to balance the flow of energy, chi, to maximize the benefits of a harmonious living space.

However, there are simple ways to detox your home of negative energy without having to rearrange all of your furniture. Many A-list celebrities have gone in on the this zen trend, especially in Southern California. Multiple gated-communities have been developed in recent years with a layout designed to bring tranquility and positive energy into their ambience. Communities such as Santaluz, which is a small, well-planned community near Rancho Santa Fe pride themselves in offering  the perfect home and tremendous “real estate serenity.” However, achieving an idyllic, zen  home does not necessarily mean you need to buy a posh mansion in order to create a peaceful feng shui home.

Follow these 5 tips to rid your abode of negative vibes and reap the benefits of a clean and toxin free environment!

  1. Declutter and Organize

Living with mess is exhausting, it’s so hard to think clearly when your home is visually cluttered and overrun with junk. It’s also, almost impossible to thoroughly clean a messy home, which is why it’s vital to pare down and organize your possessions.

Decluttering and clearing out unused items in your home, is a free and easy way to detox your surroundings- in fact, it can actually make you money if you sell your unwanted items on to others, through online classified ads.

  1. Please remove Your Shoes

Feng Shui experts suggest we should only ever enter our homes through the front door and never from an alternative entrance, because using the main door allows chi to flow through the space. Insisting that guests and visitors take off their shoes when they enter your home, significantly cuts down on numerous pollutants and allergens that can be transported on the bottom of shoes. To make your guests feel extra comfortable, consider having a basket of slippers or cozy socks available for them to slip into by the entrance.

  1. Clean Green

Traditional cleaning products are loaded with unhealthy and potentially damaging chemicals – give them a miss and instead stick to natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar and baking soda. Consider adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to this concoction to give your home a welcoming scent. Orange oil is especially uplifting and detoxifying. While lavender oil is used for relaxation.

  1. Open windows

Open your windows and let the fresh air circulate around your home, bringing in with it a fresh supply of good energy, while removing stale air, contaminants and negative energy. If you live in a busy urban area, consider checking the allergen index before throwing open the windows. If its high, consider investing in a powerful air purifier.

  1. Decorate with Plants

Filling your dwelling with houseplants, brings a fresh supply of life-giving oxygen into your home, purifying the air quality and creating natural visual beauty. Cacti, Jasmine, and Bamboo are thought to be particularly good at balancing energy in a room.

During a 2 year study, NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) concluded that the plants that purified air of formaldehyde within an enclosed spaced most effectively were philodendron, spider plant, and the golden pothos. While the gerbera daisy and chrysanthemums were most effective at removing benzene from the environment. By decorating with these plants you will add aesthetic beauty into your home while creating a purified environment.

These simple, easy to follow and low maintenance tips will detox your home of negative energy and welcome good energy and fortune into your life.

Give them a try!


A Brief History on the Luxurious Gem: Jade

Jade is a very precious gem among the Chinese people and their culture. It is commonly known as ‘YU’ among the Chinese. Chinese culture has always connect this beautiful gem with beauty and it is one of the most recognized gems associated with their history and ancient traditions and culture. The two main classifications of jade are soft jade and hard jade.


History of Jade

There is a Chinese saying that goes ‘Gold has value but jade is invaluable’. This is how much the Chinese treasure the precious and vibrant jade gem. In the western world, people always relate value and beauty to diamonds and gold, however, having such a strong tie to jade, the Chinese value jade much more than any other gem. Throughout Chinese history, respected great leaders always identified themselves with this special and valuable gem.

With such a potent trademark association, Jade was used in carvings, sculptures, ornamental decor, and jewelry making. It was also used by emperors in earlier centuries to show their power and royal status. There is enough historical evidence to suggest that jade was used to make burial suits for some of the great Chinese emperors in early centuries.

Historical and archaeological evidence shows that jade was used among the Chinese as early as 5000B.C and some of the groups that used jade were the Longshan people who lived near Yellow river, Liangzhu people near Lake Tai and Hongshan people who lived along River Lao.


Uses of jade and Its Symbolism

During Han, Zhou and Shan dynasties jade was used to make burial suits for the rich and royal people within their society, including the emperors and rulers. Jade was also important in making different objects that were used domestically and in ceremonies. Components of jade were also used to coat mouthpieces of smoker’s sticks because it was believed that it could help the smoker’s life span and general longevity. Because of its toughness, jade was used to coat weapons and handles of some special tools that were used by military commanders for their safety.

This precious gem was used to symbolize many things among the Chinese. During the various Chinese dynasties, wise leaders and emperors were loved by their people, and were often associated with the idyllic gem jade. This made the Chinese people adore and respect their emperors.

Its physical appearance alone represented justice, power, and sureness among the Chinese. Its recognition from the rest of the world symbolizes the truth and fairness among the Chinese people. Its brilliance stood for the originality of the Chinese culture and firm foundation it lies on. Jade stands for beauty and many Chinese daughters were named Jade in order to symbolize their beauty and to depict their parent’s love for them.

The two main original categories of jade (jadeite and nephrite) come in different sizes and when being carved the artist identified how the two types of jade varied. One was softer than the other and each type was unique on its own. Craftsmen carved the original stone into different shapes and sculptures that represented the Chinese culture. Jade could be carved into belt-hooks, beads and Han. The latter was an ornament placed in the mouth of people before being buried.

Overall, jade has made a tremendous symbolic impact within Chinese culture for the past thousands of years. With such a prominent presence, jade has become a staple to any Chinese home. Jade, the most luxurious gem in China, will continue to flourish in popularity as it has been part of Chinese culture since ancient times.


5 ways Amazonite Can Help Calm Your Mind

Precious stones and healing crystals have been used for centuries to treat illness and in recent times have been utilized to relieve the stresses and strains of modern living. They fall under an umbrella term of Alternative Therapies or Complimentary Treatments which include Reiki, Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, to name but a few.

In our busy, modern lives, we have many demands on our emotional energy, juggling work and family responsibilities, raising children and taking care of our friendships, our health and balancing finances, can all take a toll on our mental well being. Learning natural forms of stress relief is essential in navigating our tension filled lives and bringing some balance and harmony to our minds.

You may have seen this gorgeous blue/green stone, in gift shops or natural healing boutiques, and wondered how it can be of use to you.

Amazonite Gem

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a gemstone, that comes in turquoise and green shades and is a variety of microcline feldspar. It is named for the Amazon River, where it was first thought to have been found. Amazonite is known by many names some of which describe its purported properties, such as the stone of courage, stone of truth, amazon stone and amazon jade. It has been cut into beads and made into jewelry since the early Mesopotamian cultures.

What Can It Be Used For?

Amazonite has been found to have calming properties and to help people rid their lives of stress.

Read on to see 5 ways this amazing little stone, can help to calm your mind and relieve tension:


  1. In the workplace

Amazonite is thought to be particularly useful in business settings, as it attracts prosperity and wealth and guards against fraudulent behavior and clients or competitors trying to take advantage of the bearer. Depending on the size of the amazonite, it can be used as a vibrant paper weight or a sturdy book stopper.

  1. Speak your mind

Amazonite helps people to reveal their true thoughts and feelings without becoming aggressive, defensive or over-emotional. Clearly communicating your feelings, is a sure fire route to a stress free existence with others.

  1. Clean Up Your Environment

Amazonite acts as a Barrier Filter crystal, it is believed to block stress, absorb electromagnetic pollution and microwaves. Placed near appliances, such as computers, it can help to ward off technological stress. Plus, glancing at the this lovely stone while working can help remind you to breathe and relax.

  1. Just Say No

Amazonite helps users to set and define strong and clear boundaries, both with themselves, their work commitments and with others. Thus, helping to eliminate stress from over scheduling and over burdening oneself with too many commitments.

  1. Tidy Up

Amazonite can help you to be more productive and to keep tidy work areas. Many parents hide it in their children’s and teenager’s bedrooms to encourage them to keep their room tidy and clean.


So give this little stone a try, but keep in mind when shopping for Amazonite, that experts suggest you should choose the stone that calls to you. Start by holding a few different stones in your hand and see which one you feel an energy from or a connection to, and then make your choice accordingly, and feel the Amazonite calming your mind and body!

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