We often talk about detoxing our bodies, by abstaining from alcohol and nutrient scarce foods, but what about our homes?

The principles and practices of Feng Shui are designed to create a harmonious living environment, one which balances positive and negative energies and allows good fortune to flow into, and stay within, your home.

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What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui, is an ancient Chinese custom, often referred to as the “art of placement” and involves arranging all the objects within your home to balance the flow of energy, chi, to maximize the benefits of a harmonious living space.

However, there are simple ways to detox your home of negative energy without having to rearrange all of your furniture. Many A-list celebrities have gone in on the this zen trend, especially in Southern California. Multiple gated-communities have been developed in recent years with a layout designed to bring tranquility and positive energy into their ambience. Communities such as Santaluz, which is a small, well-planned community near Rancho Santa Fe pride themselves in offering  the perfect home and tremendous “real estate serenity.” However, achieving an idyllic, zen  home does not necessarily mean you need to buy a posh mansion in order to create a peaceful feng shui home.

Follow these 5 tips to rid your abode of negative vibes and reap the benefits of a clean and toxin free environment!

  1. Declutter and Organize

Living with mess is exhausting, it’s so hard to think clearly when your home is visually cluttered and overrun with junk. It’s also, almost impossible to thoroughly clean a messy home, which is why it’s vital to pare down and organize your possessions.

Decluttering and clearing out unused items in your home, is a free and easy way to detox your surroundings- in fact, it can actually make you money if you sell your unwanted items on to others, through online classified ads.

  1. Please remove Your Shoes

Feng Shui experts suggest we should only ever enter our homes through the front door and never from an alternative entrance, because using the main door allows chi to flow through the space. Insisting that guests and visitors take off their shoes when they enter your home, significantly cuts down on numerous pollutants and allergens that can be transported on the bottom of shoes. To make your guests feel extra comfortable, consider having a basket of slippers or cozy socks available for them to slip into by the entrance.

  1. Clean Green

Traditional cleaning products are loaded with unhealthy and potentially damaging chemicals – give them a miss and instead stick to natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar and baking soda. Consider adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to this concoction to give your home a welcoming scent. Orange oil is especially uplifting and detoxifying. While lavender oil is used for relaxation.

  1. Open windows

Open your windows and let the fresh air circulate around your home, bringing in with it a fresh supply of good energy, while removing stale air, contaminants and negative energy. If you live in a busy urban area, consider checking the allergen index before throwing open the windows. If its high, consider investing in a powerful air purifier.

  1. Decorate with Plants

Filling your dwelling with houseplants, brings a fresh supply of life-giving oxygen into your home, purifying the air quality and creating natural visual beauty. Cacti, Jasmine, and Bamboo are thought to be particularly good at balancing energy in a room.

During a 2 year study, NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) concluded that the plants that purified air of formaldehyde within an enclosed spaced most effectively were philodendron, spider plant, and the golden pothos. While the gerbera daisy and chrysanthemums were most effective at removing benzene from the environment. By decorating with these plants you will add aesthetic beauty into your home while creating a purified environment.

These simple, easy to follow and low maintenance tips will detox your home of negative energy and welcome good energy and fortune into your life.

Give them a try!