Precious stones and healing crystals have been used for centuries to treat illness and in recent times have been utilized to relieve the stresses and strains of modern living. They fall under an umbrella term of Alternative Therapies or Complimentary Treatments which include Reiki, Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, to name but a few.

In our busy, modern lives, we have many demands on our emotional energy, juggling work and family responsibilities, raising children and taking care of our friendships, our health and balancing finances, can all take a toll on our mental well being. Learning natural forms of stress relief is essential in navigating our tension filled lives and bringing some balance and harmony to our minds.

You may have seen this gorgeous blue/green stone, in gift shops or natural healing boutiques, and wondered how it can be of use to you.

Amazonite Gem

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a gemstone, that comes in turquoise and green shades and is a variety of microcline feldspar. It is named for the Amazon River, where it was first thought to have been found. Amazonite is known by many names some of which describe its purported properties, such as the stone of courage, stone of truth, amazon stone and amazon jade. It has been cut into beads and made into jewelry since the early Mesopotamian cultures.

What Can It Be Used For?

Amazonite has been found to have calming properties and to help people rid their lives of stress.

Read on to see 5 ways this amazing little stone, can help to calm your mind and relieve tension:


  1. In the workplace

Amazonite is thought to be particularly useful in business settings, as it attracts prosperity and wealth and guards against fraudulent behavior and clients or competitors trying to take advantage of the bearer. Depending on the size of the amazonite, it can be used as a vibrant paper weight or a sturdy book stopper.

  1. Speak your mind

Amazonite helps people to reveal their true thoughts and feelings without becoming aggressive, defensive or over-emotional. Clearly communicating your feelings, is a sure fire route to a stress free existence with others.

  1. Clean Up Your Environment

Amazonite acts as a Barrier Filter crystal, it is believed to block stress, absorb electromagnetic pollution and microwaves. Placed near appliances, such as computers, it can help to ward off technological stress. Plus, glancing at the this lovely stone while working can help remind you to breathe and relax.

  1. Just Say No

Amazonite helps users to set and define strong and clear boundaries, both with themselves, their work commitments and with others. Thus, helping to eliminate stress from over scheduling and over burdening oneself with too many commitments.

  1. Tidy Up

Amazonite can help you to be more productive and to keep tidy work areas. Many parents hide it in their children’s and teenager’s bedrooms to encourage them to keep their room tidy and clean.


So give this little stone a try, but keep in mind when shopping for Amazonite, that experts suggest you should choose the stone that calls to you. Start by holding a few different stones in your hand and see which one you feel an energy from or a connection to, and then make your choice accordingly, and feel the Amazonite calming your mind and body!