In varying colors, shapes and designs, crystals are a beautiful addition to any home, they are like jewelry for a room and many of them can add pretty illuminations as sunlight reaches them casting dazzling shards of light around your space.


But crystals have long been understood to be more than simply decoration. Crystals have powerful energetic properties, which can affect the environment around them and can actually improve your life. Some crystals are known to have special healing powers, that can renew and repair the body and bring wellness to the bearer.


Crystal healing is a form of alternative therapy which can be used alongside and in conjunction with, other non-traditional treatments such as Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chakra Healing, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Reiki and a host of other complimentary treatments.


Healing with crystals is a way of using energy as medicine, by placing crystals on or near the body. Crystals interact with our bodies on an electromagnetic level, they resonate at different frequencies, releasing energy and helping to balance the body.


Here we present 10 crystals and their astounding benefits:


  1. Turquoise – (Blue/Green)

Turquoise is believed to have healing benefits which are magnified exponentially when it is given away as a gift.


  1. Celestite – (Colorless, shades of light blue or white usually; rarely other colors such as orange, reddish, pale green, pale brown)

Celestite helps to relieve stress in the wearer. Many people keep this crystal in their bedrooms as it promotes peace and tranquility, resulting in a good night’s sleep.


  1. Green Aventurine – (Green)

This beautiful crystal promotes vitality and general good health.


  1. Clear Quartz – (Colorless)

Clear Quartz is known to stimulate the immune system, and draws away negative energy from the wearer.

Amethyst Crystal

  1. Amethyst – (Purple)

Amethyst can help to calm anger and helps you to live calmly and serenely, it also helps to steer people away from bad habits.


  1. Rose Quartz – (Pink)

Rose varieties of Quartz help to promote a good restful night’s sleep.


  1. Selenite – (Colorless, sometimes with pale tints)

Selentite can help to clear and energize the glands of the body.


  1. Rhodonite – (Pink to Dark-Red)

Rhodonite has long been used to relive negative emotions and in particular times of high stress and panic.


  1. Apache Tears – (Black/Gray)

This crystal helps with emotions generated from grief and emotional turmoil experienced after trauma such as divorce, disease or bereavement.


  1. Pink Calcite – (Pink)

Pink Calcite is particularly helpful in helping to repair the body after damage to the tissues and is very useful to help ease a variety of heart issues.


Educating yourself about different crystals and their benefits is vital, in understanding how they can enrich your life. Yet many practitioners claim the best way to choose crystals to purchase, is to wander around a store and see which crystals “call” to you, which you resonate with and feel a connection to-these are the ones that you are meant to own, interact with and harness the powers of, in order to heal.